TURN Agency is a digital + branding studio that helps companies go where the opportunities are, when they are, by intersecting strategic goals with a custom user experience.

Patrick Craig

Design + Brand

Gabe Ruane

Design + Brand

Damian Vander Wilt


Dan Manchester


Jeremiah Bascue


Strategic Partners

Peter Heide

iOS Developer

Amanda Bernard

Digital Marketing

Megan Daley

Project Management

Andrea Oliviera

Public Relations

Ron Sparks

Digital Strategy

Our Values

We believe in small, dedicated teams.

Small, dedicated teams are cost effective. And that savings allows us to go the extra mile to make the experience special.

We’re a partner, not a vendor.

Partnerships are formed on mutual respect. We believe we’re in this together with you. So if you ask us to do something, there’s a good chance we’re going to ask why. Because we don’t have clients—we have partners.

It’s all about mutual respect.

We’re certain you know your business better than we do. As we know ours better than you. From that starting point of respect and understanding, we can come together to share, collaborate, and do amazing work.

We have a process for finding ideas.

We ask a ton of questions, we just do. We can’t help it. It’s because we believe that all good design comes from a deep understanding of the project and that successful concepts are those backed with data.

We advocate for the user.

Effective design requires an understanding of the audience. We’ll conduct research and talk to your target users in order to design a custom experience that caters to them. Then we’ll build a website that’s usable and accessible to as many of them as possible.

Design isn’t done until we launch.

That doesn’t mean we won’t hold you accountable to agreements, but if we can accommodate a late-breaking change, we always will.