Cherwell Software

Make work flow.

Project Goals

Cherwell Software was launching a shiny new brand and looking towards the future. They needed their content management system to support their growing needs for localization, a growing list of resources, and multiple content authoring teams.

Our Role

Turn Agency supported with the redesign and build of their new website by refactoring the experience on Sitecore Digital Experience Platform. Now Cherwell is in position to leverage personalization as well as insights gathered from Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite.

CMS Selection

Cherwell was unhappy with their current implementation of Sitecore and were considering changing to another content management system. Turn Agency realized that they were most likely unhappy with the implementation that had been given to them on the old site. We sat down and reviewed what our process looked like and helped steer Cherwell back toward the Sitecore Digital Experience Platform. The other content management systems that were being considered were simply not powerful or extensible enough to accomplish the goals they had for the future.

A growing list of resources

Cherwell is a thought leader in Enterprise Service Management for IT. The growing list of webinars, blog posts (which were hosted on a separate platform entirely), whitepapers and events they were working on was not showcased well enough on their old site. Turn Agency designed and built them a resource library that handled robust filtering, keyword search and the ability to feature high profile events or research.

Planning for the future

Thanks to our implementation of Sitecore they are now preparing to launch the site in multiple languages in 2019. And Turn Agency will be right there to help them every step of the way.