Disney Infinity

Branding the Toy Box revolution

Project Goals

Logo development in collaboration with the Interbrand mega machine.

Our Role

Logo design; pure and simple.

Disney’s take on gaming

The Disney Infinity project was many years in the making - from concept and market fit to technical development, licensing and hardware. Disney Infinity is a gaming system that puts the ‘toybox’ experience in the hands of gamers, with toy-driven inputs that change the game you’re playing on screen. Rules are loose, worlds are mixed, and all of your favorite Disney characters coexist in strange and wonderful ways.

The home stretch

After all of that lead-up, logo design was the final hurdle. Our design proposal made its way to the top of the heap over an 18-month process - we absorbed the brief, let it percolate, then charged ahead with creative on the path to a single final design that was approved outright.