Strategy & Planning

Together we can uncover the foundation for our design strategy.


Our workshop is a series of activities created to align your brand, your business goals and your customer objectives. The result is a strategy brief that drives our entire creative and technical process.


No two are alike. We work with you to set an agenda and invite the right participants within your organization. We facilitate everything while your team participates and discusses your business.

Business goals and customer objectives

We will identify and discuss any business goals and customer objectives for the organization as well as define what success looks like for the project.

Target audience & brand message

We will discuss who your clients are and what goals they have. The discussions during this session will enable the team to arrive at a mutual understanding of what is necessary content to have.

Brand development & content strategy

Let’s discuss the current brand and ways to improve upon it. We will also review your competitors and compare them to the language used to describe your services. We will look to define a new communication strategy moving forward.

Design brainstorms

As a team we will define key moments in the experience and brainstorm ways to get our users engaged with the brand.

Technical requirements

In this session we will discuss all things tech related. Topics could include technical foundations, systems integrations and what content management system is right for you.