Multi-phase event site for Twitter’s Flight conference.

Project Goals

Craft a conference website with three stages - pre-event, day-of, and post event archive versions. Drive registration, and make the Twitter developer community feel at home.

Our Role

Multi-phase UX, UI design, custom graphics and real time oversight before, during and after the event - in collaboration with MartianSF.

Design/UX liftoff

Working in collaboration with Martian SF, we handled UX and visual design for Twitter’s annual developer conference in San Francisco. We created and refined extensive wireframes and set a plan with our dev partner to check all boxes on a complex brief. We then worked within the Twitter brand system to craft something fresh and aligned to the developer/tech side of the Twitterverse, including custom maps and iconography.


At its core, our challenge was to organize a broad and diverse library of content in support of the event - before, during, and after showtime. The experience had to be clean and intuitive for thousands of participants (almost exclusively on their mobile devices) - always current, down to the minute, and constantly evolving as the conference progressed.