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Vantage Bank

Texas-born. Family-owned.

Project goals

Vantage Bank came to us frustrated by a CMS implementation that just wasn't cutting it; simple content changes often required developer time, it had little-to-no scalability, and its performance lagged. They ready to re-platform onto something more accessible, nimble, and performant...and rebrand/redesign in the process.

Our role

From refreshing their brand identity to redesigning the site experience to rebuilding it on Umbraco, all of us here at Turn had our hands in the cookie jar. But our developers had the most fun; Vantage Bank had high performance requirements, incredibly intense security needs, and accessibility was crucial...and they were confident that Umbraco could handle it all. (Spoiler alert: They were right.) 

Security first

Banks have stringent security requirements, and Vantage Bank is serious about their commitment to their customers. They needed a modern website on a secure platform, so we put Umbraco on a load-balanced, high-performance Azure web app.

Accessibility, not just ADA compliance

We fully believe that accessibility makes for happy users, and happy users make for good business. With lawsuits targeting business websites over ADA violations on the rise, we were adamant about making sure the code was clean, compliant, and fully accessible.