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A commitment to quality

Project goals

Aromatics supports those in pursuit of natural wellness by providing pure, sustainably sourced essential oils and aromatherapy products. They came to us with a desire to rethink their website and the content strategy that supports it. We are thrilled with the results.

Our role

Brand development, user experience concepts, content strategy, packaging, print design, and support for their web development team on the Shopify platform.

Organizing the product lines

Through exploration and iteration, we were able to establish a new system for organizing their products into a core list of common benefits. Each product is built to support eight main benefits: Mood, Breathe, Relieve, Purify, Digest, Energy, Complexion, and Relaxation. Secondary categories can be found under each of these benefits to help the user find the perfect product that fits their need.

Streamlining the checkout process

Collaborating as a team, we explored every chance to streamline the checkout process. Not only did we examine the ways industry-leading sites were handling their checkout flows but we also looked for ways to add new features like creating a wish list, redemptions for rewards, and even allowing users to dive deep into the exact percentage of chemical components found within each product.

Creating a better shelf presence

After the site design was complete we then helped Aromatics clean up their bottle designs. The design was originally constructed in a way that did not allow for the logo and the name of the product to be photographed at the same time. We redesigned the labels and added the new benefits listed above on each bottle.