Building Champions

Helping companies unlock their full potential, one leader at a time.

Project Goals

Building Champions got its start by working with individuals who were looking to improve their leadership. Our challenge was to design a compelling website that would speak to a new audience — senior leaders and HR professionals — without alienating the individual clients they historically served.

Our Role

Digital strategy, content strategy, brand development, UX & UI design, infographics, customer journey mapping and persona development.

Defining our goals

Building Champions and Turn collaborated in a 2-day discovery workshop. Together we assessed the current situation, defined our goals for the business (as well as the project) and decided what outcomes we wanted to achieve for the new website. The executive coaches at Building Champions have been helping individuals unlock their full potential for more than 20 years. They believe thriving people make better leaders, and better leaders create high-functioning organizations. We were tasked to create a website that helped the user envision what life would be like after coaching.

Generating ideas

Turn helped develop customer journey maps for the target personas. By thinking through each stage of the user journey (on and off the site), we were able to generate ideas and digital tools that help the user get what they are looking for. Imagining what the customer’s day might look like helps to alleviate any pain points they may have.

Creating the design prototype

After defining page goals for the new website, we wrote copy and established a hierarchy for each element. This reduced clutter and provided clear user pathways. Once the content plan was in place, we designed multiple concepts for the site. Building Champions settled on a winning concept that we translated to support each unique page type.