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C3 Oregon

Mobilizing counselors and educators to help Oregonians navigate the transition to career or college

Project goals

C3 was ready to upgrade their outdated, bloated CMS for a modern, scalable platform and give their site a UX/UI glow-up in the process.

Our role

Content strategy, branding, UX/UI design, technical implementation.

A replatform

C3 was already acquainted with Umbraco, and impressed by its features. We confidently chose it as the ideal solution for them thanks to its user-friendly content authoring tools and ability to meet their specific content expression needs.

Affordable hosting

Traditionally, powerful dotnet CMSes like Umbraco have been relatively costly to host given their infrastructure requirements and dependencies...and a grassroots community organization has more important things to spend its budget on than high website hosting expenses. Fortunately, Umbraco can now run on Linux, enabling us to deploy a high-quality codebase on a cost-effective server.