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Cities 4 Health

Healthier, safer urban centers

Project goals

C4H began as a rapid-response information hub related to the COVID-19 epidemic, providing technical, financial, and practical resources for cities navigating those unprecedented times. As life normalized, the site shifted to prioritize C4H's core mission of supporting cities in combating noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Our role

Originally, we had ~3 weeks to produce branding and designs, and finish technical implementation of a robust resource management system. Over the years, we have continued adding features and functionality in support of C4H shifting the site's focus to the organization's broader philanthropic mission of combating NCDs in urban populations. In early 2024, we fully redesigned and restructured the site in support of this shifting focus.  

Wrangling resources

To efficiently manage and share the multitude of resources created and gathered by C4H, we needed a robust library solution, fast. Leveraging the Statamic CMS, we developed a document repository featuring faceted filtering. This allowed the target audience to swiftly locate resources tailored to their needs.


The platform, initially designed to address the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, continues to evolve, serving C4H's changing needs years later.

Building efficiencies

The stellar performance of C4H not only garnered high praise from Vital Strategies (the project stakeholder), but also sparked the initiation of three subsequent projects. Thanks to our strategic approach to development, we were able to repurpose components and elements from the initial project, maximizing efficiency and streamlining Vital Strategies' ability to respond to public health issues quickly and effectively.

Scaling communications

While the initial purpose of the site was to disseminate vital global public health information at the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, its core function as a communications hub meant that we had a solid foundation on top of which we could accommodate C4H's shift back to its primary organizational mission.