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Uplift Fit Wear

Hold my water...

Project goals

Build a community that shows positive messaging and uplifts each other through reinforcing social media campaigns. Uplift is focused on those that life gave a detour too. You can plan your life out, but the world has different ideas for and Uplift will there to help get you back on track.

Our role

Naming, branding, brand development, tone of voice through all social campaigns, User Experience and User interface design. Product line designs ranging from shakers, hats, shirts to workout clothing.

Branding versatility for the modern landscape

By outlining brand usage early on through research we were able to build a scalable brand right from the start. This let us create a brand package that was scalable to meet all the clients needs, not by resizing the brand, but by creating multiple lockups that met each unique requirement.

Scalable into other markets

By using the original brand building blocks designed from the very beginning we were able to use that brand structure and expand in upcoming markets. In this case expanding into children’s clothing.