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GrindWorkz Audio

Pounded to perfection

Project goals

With car audio moving into the digital realm new possibilities were emerging and GrindWorkz took this opportunity to finally build hardware and components their way. By targeting three tiers of amplifiers and subwoofers they did just that.

Our role

Competitive research, brand development, logo deign, typography, and four color pallets. A main overarching color palette with three product tier color pallets that compliment each other. Design handoff and support for product teems and web development team. 

Designing for a dome

Domes are complex architectural structures with a unique shape and features. By being aware of these challenges and approaching the design process with creativity, research, and iterative refinement, we overcame these obstacles and created a successful balanced logo for the dome of a subwoofer.

Simplicity of stitching

Stitching was used on the final product design to cross over and bridge part of the vehicles design language into the subwoofers creating a unified design language between the two elements. This gives the feeling that the subwoofers were part of the original interior design system.