Hack on. Be awesome.

Project Goals

Craft the visual identity for print and digital executions in support of the Intuit Developer Group’s Small Biz Hack global event series - supported by a redesign of their event website from the ground up.

Our Role

Creative direction, visual identity design, custom graphics, event signage, promotional campaigns, digital advertising, animations, apparel, website UX/UI, technical architecture and front-end development.

Visual identity system

It is a tricky challenge to design a visual identity system that carries a unique personality for the Developer Group at Intuit, while staying kosher with their overarching corporate identity standards. Working with a great team, we walked the line, found some interesting creative territory, and came out with high fives for the 2018-2019 Small Biz Hack hackathon event series, which travels from Mountain View, CA to Toronto, London and Sydney each year.

Website design & development

In support of the event series, Turn Agency took the reins for the redesign of the website property. We reorganized the URL structure and multi-city approach, then designed and built a flexible and rotating series of microsites that support the year-long calendar. We worked within Intuit’s extensive digital guidelines to ensure that our work captured the Developer Group’s unique personality without (overtly) breaking any rules.