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Louisa Foods

Freshness matters.

Project goals

Louisa Foods is a St. Louis based, family-owned business started more than 55 years ago. They prepare fresh-made pastas, appetizers, & sauces. Our goal was to create a website that showcased the diverse set of products they carry, how to get them, and inspire others to create dishes that nonna would be proud of.

Our role

We partnered with Louisa’s brand team at glOh Studio to create the user experience design. Turn developed all of the front-end and back-end work to re-platform on the Umbraco CMS.

Putting the products on display

The capabilities of the Louisa culinary team is vast. They carry over 46 types of ravioli (and that’s just one of their product types). Users can navigate through the product tree to find recipes, nutritional information, preparation instruction, retail locations, and helpful resources for restaurant operators so they can cut costs and efficiently manage their operations.

Defining the Louisa audience

The needs of a home cook are very different from the needs of a restaurant operator or head chef. The sites are separated with different lead capture forms and audience-specific content. On the retail side, users can find locations that sell Louisa products, get inspired with creative recipes, or send a job application directly to the Louisa HR department. Foodservice operators can log into a password-protected broker portal where they can find valuable resources and high resolution photography to use in their marketing efforts.

Customization within the Umbraco CMS

Turn essentially created three websites inside of one Umbraco editing environment: a retail site, a foodservice site, and a password-protected broker portal. Each site not only has their own unique components to present content with, but also components and content shared across the sites, making for an easy content authoring process. While recipes are directly tied to individual products, the Louisa team can enter a recipe once and have it display in the recipes archive, on the respective product page, and in other featured areas as well.