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Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project

Our first ever One Good Turn partnership grant recipient.

Project goals

Turn Agency held an open call for Oregon-based non-profit companies to submit an application for a 1-year pro bono partnership. In order to support their mission, Voz was in need of a new brand and website.

Our role

UX/UI design, front-end development, back-end Statamic development, overhauled brand and visual identity system, brochure design, and iconography.

An open call for submissions

With over 40 worthy applicants, Turn Agency had a hard time choosing who would receive this grant. Voz is a worker-led organization that empowers day laborers and immigrants to improve their working conditions and protect civil rights through leadership development, organizing, education, and economic opportunity.

This country is not an easy place for immigrants looking to improve their conditions, and it’s only getting more difficult. The day laborers at Voz are temporary workers, many of them immigrants, many of them homeless, many of them facing multiple barriers to long-term employment. Turn Agency felt drawn to help as soon as we heard their stories.

The rebranding effort

Turn Agency met with the leadership at Voz and conducted a survey of workers and staff. Everyone within the organization felt a close connection to the concept behind their existing logo (representing the strength and craftsmanship of the workers). Turn Agency helped them take the legacy brand to the next level by recrafting the logo artwork and incorporating a bright new color palette that helped emphasize the energy and vibrancy of the people at Voz.

Giving as much as we could

Turn Agency conducted a workshop with Voz that helped uncover the needs within the organization. With their new website, Voz can tell the mission of the organization as well as the rich history behind it. The faces of Voz is a concept that allows the user to learn the stories of day laborers and Voz staff. The blog and events section help keep the community in touch with what is going on at Voz and the easy-to-use worker request form allows companies to legally hire day labor help quickly online.

Turn Agency also supported by creating a brochure, business cards, letterhead and a brand guide.

Putting the website on Statamic

We found Statamic to be a perfect CMS fit for Voz. Previously on WordPress, Voz had many issues with their existing website. We wanted to give them an intuitive authoring experience, which Statamic provides. We also wanted to speed up the experience of the Voz website, and Statamic’s low overhead helped us develop a screaming fast website with great performance, whether on mobile or desktop. Statamic also allowed for the entire site’s bilingual experience to be developed in such as way that content editors could enter both Spanish and English content easily within the same authoring area.

Turn Agency is very proud of the work we did for Voz and will continue to support this great organization going forward.