Pursue Pictures

The artist is you.

Project Goals

Concept and design of a platform to discover emerging photographers. Pursue Pictures offers monetary awards to the winners of their online photo contests. Start submitting!

Our Role

UX, UI design, art direction and custom WordPress development.

History in their craft.

The Pursue Pictures team has been operating in the arts since 2010. Its sister publications include the venerable Masters Review, CRAFT, Frontier Poetry and Palette Poetry; publications that have provided quality platforms for writers by recognizing new talent alongside established authors.

Moving into photography.

Pursue Pictures aims to take their success in the literary arts and apply it to photography. Using their specific expertise to place photographers in commercially viable, high-quality platforms, it is unique in the arena of visual storytelling. Turn was tasked with concepting a highly visual and engaging platform that would allow Pursue Pictures to raise awareness, share their story and gain submissions for their photography contests.