Tribe Pilot

Meal planning done right.

Project Goals

Design a way so the users of the app can plan meals and share ingredient details without sweating the details.

Our Role

User experience consultation, user interface design, icon development, art direction and interactive prototype.

Getting involved

Tribe Pilot is an up and coming startup in Bend, Oregon. The app masterfully allows you to organize a group camping trip by sharing supplies, location, conversations and date planning. Tribe Pilot approached Turn to help in the design execution required for adding meal planning to the application.

Dinner anyone?

Planning a meal is tough these days. Matching the needs of a vegetarian friend, a vegan mother-in-law, a paleo diet husband and your best friend who only eats organic is not an easy task. Turn sat down and created a step-by-step process for assigning meals to an individual in a group, updating the meal with a list of ingredients (including a shopping list) and planning which days you are responsible for.